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'cuz that's what I do, man!

This is the Infictive Research Wiki, host to the Infictive Research Associates network — a space that is part laboratory, part recording studio, part mastermind session, part cut-up, part garbage dump.

Bland looking? Maybe! but easy to use and easier to get lost in. Moving parts and fluid pumps may pose traffic dangers. These things won't be an exact science; keeping informed may help.

If you're navigating or narrating on this wiki, you'll have to find your own way about mostly. If you're a new research associate, and you still need narrative credentials, you'll have to contact the department head. Accounts are marked if they become inactive, and will be subject to termination.

Our top researcher, Mystery X, is usually around if you're looking for a shoulder to peek over. Please do not disturb Tobor.

Yes, we are aware of the often brilliant and meaningful errors in spelling and grammar made through out these pages by varying authors. Thank you for your concern, and feel free to edit anything you like, filled with the understanding that you're just as liable to be edited, and are marring some beauty that you are unable to perceive. All in the web of the Spider. Keep an eye out for the codes to activate Device No. 163.

Beyond that, keep in mind that the story never quite ends...

...and you'll probably die along the way a few times.